Canadian civil rights group urges Prime Minister Harper to take a tough stand on Hungary’s anti-democratic government

Montreal: October 23, 2014: The Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter, which is a non-partisan civil-rights group registered in Montreal, addressed a detailed memorandum today to the Canadian Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen Harper and to Canadian Foreign Minister, Mr.John Baird, about the flagrant rule of law violations committed by the Hungarian government of Viktor Orbán.

Hungarian Free Press

The memorandum comes on the eve of the 58th anniversary of Hungary’s revolution against Russian domination and coincides with the visit to Canada by the current Foreign Minister of Hungary, Mr Péter Szijjártó. The CHDC’s memorandum to the Canadian government expresses deep concerns about the anti-democratic behaviour of the Orbán government and about its activities in Canada.

It welcomes the Harper government’s principled stand on the necessity of upholding the rule of law and democratic governance within the trans-Atlantic community but demands that resolute action must now follow in the case of regimes that do not respect the values of the community.

The abuse of the rule of law, by the Orbán government is well documented. The CHDC along with other politically non-partisan bodies in Hungary, such as the Hungarian Europe Society and the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, have frequently spoken out about the Orbán government’s abuse of the rule of law, and of civil liberties in Hungary. (see for example, “Indictment” at

At the end of June, this year, Prime Minister Orbán publicly announced that his goal is to establish an “illiberal” state in Hungary, patterned on the Russian and Chinese models of governance. The CHDC asks that Prime Minister Harper join other Western leaders, such as the late Vaclav Havel, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Angela Merkel, and register Canada’s displeasure with Hungary’s disrespect of our common values.

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