Blacklisted Hungarians

Why we call out?

Hungarian government raids defenders of democracy: strikes on human rights NGOs, watchdogs, investigative journalists and activists.
We need your help to end this. Use your voices, let our government and the European Commission know, we don’t want a Putinist regime persecuting civil society in Europe.

This Monday morning Hungarian police raided the offices and homes of some employees of two NGOs, DemNet and Ökotárs, seizing computers and accusing them of financial wrongdoing. The raid comes after similar actions in May.

A few weeks after the prime minister declared that liberal democracy is over in Hungary, and Putin’s methods should take precedent, police raids followed. The government calls independent civil society organizations as agents of foreign interest, and has challenged the management and legitimacy of EEA/Norwegian NGO Funds, demanding it to stop financing Hungarian NGOs. Meanwhile Hungarian police investigates „financial wrongdoing“ at the four foundations that manage the EEA/Norwegian NGO Funds program in Hungary.

What is this really about?

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