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To the U.S. Government

The primary responsibility for protecting the human rights of all persons in their territory lies with the governments of Greece and Hungary, and with their societies. However, U.S. leadership on human rights means prioritizing these pressing challenges to human rights.

Ten Things President Obama Can Do Now

  1. Adopt a policy to reverse Hungary’s backsliding on democracy and to advance the rule of law, independent democratic institutions, human rights protections, and greater transparency. This policy should be an integral part of the U.S. strategy to reinforce the Transatlantic Alliance in the face of Russian action in Ukraine and the growing electoral strength of antisemitic, racist, pro-Russian parties in E.U. states. In his September speech to the United Nations General Assembly, refute Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s notion that “illiberal” nations are better off economically and articulate the dangers that authoritarian regimes pose to peace, prosperity and fundamental freedoms.
  2. Call Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to: a) express support for his efforts to prosecute Golden Dawn leaders for operating a criminal organization and to purge the police forces of their accomplices; b) underscore the need for a credible prosecution of Golden Dawn that meets the highest European judicial standards and is not tainted by claims of political motivation; and c) offer assistance from U.S. law enforcement agencies to mount a credible prosecution and investigate Golden Dawn’s financial dealings, including outside Greece, and strengthen Greek law enforcement and judicial systems to combat hate violence, corruption, and abuse.

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