Hungary: Neo-Nazi resurgence in Holocaust anniversary year

Jobbik, a far-right ultra-nationalist racist party established in 2007, made significant electoral gains in the Hungarian elections, garnering just over 20% of the national vote in the April poll.

Under Hungary’s system of proportional representation, this result (up 5% from last showing) makes Jobbik Hungary’s second-strongest party. This assures it a significant agenda-setting presence in an already right-wing dominated parliament.

Led by Gabor Vona, Jobbik’s candidates openly label all Sinti and Roma ethnic groups as hereditary criminals. They frequently accuse the Jewish community of being a “security threat”.

As in other European countries where the lunatic right is exploiting the discontents of neoliberalism, in a bid to weasel its way into power, Jobbik is the suit-wearing, teeth-whitened “respectable” face of a burgeoning skinhead street militia movement.

Closely affiliated with the party are openly neo-fascist paramilitary groups such as the New Hungarian Guard, responsible for a string of racially-motivated hate crimes.

more: GreenLeft

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