The protest against falsification of history by Viktor Orbán’s government


Protest of citizens of Budapest against whitewashing the role of Hungary in Holocaust by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz-KDNP party (which has 2/3 majority in Parliament) has started on February, 09 on the Liberty Square (Szabadság Tér) and  is still on.
The monument that Fidesz government intends to construct in the middle of the square is considered to be a rude and undisguised revision of history and an offense to memory of those who died in Holocaust. The Jewish community of Budapest is boycotting the commemoration of 70th anniversary of the Hungarian Holocaust which takes place this year.

The statue depicts Hungary as Archangel Gabriel, completely powerless, being attacked by the German eagle. It will be very big – 7 meters tall, and the spread of the eagle’s wings will be 4.5 meters wide. The construction of this monument to German “occupation” in 1944 is an unacceptable interpretation of the facts and falsification of the history of the World War II.
Hungary was an ally of Germany, and it was a legitimate Hungarian government that handled the deportation of about 600,000 Hungarian citizens of Jewish and Roma origin without trying to reduce this number. Not without reason, critics of the whole idea of the monument suspect that the Orbán’s government wants to shake off any responsibility for the Holocaust and to shift the blame entirely to Germany.

The government has stopped the construction of the monument before elections in April and promised to start a dialogue with citizens, but right after elections they have restarted the construction without consulting with Budapest community.
In the first months of the protest the police tried to remove people forcefully.

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