Context and Identity in Contemporary Hungarian Art

a Prezi – presentation by Linnea West
Context & Identity in Contemporary Hungarian Art
Reimagining the near past and constructing local identities
What is the legacy of critical, socially engaged unofficial art of the Communist period in a newly democratic society? Characterized by a discursive approach to historical consciousness enlarges ideas of collective identity and allow for multiple identities as a vehicle to explore, historical consciousness contemporary Hungarian art in which the past is very much present.

Szabolcs KissPál Amorous Architecture
Little Warsaw Reconstruction –Isolation Exercise – Cyrill & Method Could a western artist understand how little this gesture had to do with envy, aggression or a thirst for professional success, that it was dictated rather by loyalty and self-irony?
Andreas Fogarasi Go Home Vasarely Who was Janos Major?

linnea west prezi
Csaba Nemes Remake
Gergely László Yad Hanna / The Collective Man
Andreas Fogarasi Kultur und Freizet What is a Communist building?
Little Warsaw Crew Expendable
József Szolnoki Homeopathic Reality Zsolt Keserue
National Textbook 2005 1972 Identities: enlarges concept of national and other forms of collective identity beyond traditional nation-state borders and singularities Context: while enriching the art works, can conversely act as limiting factor How do context and identity function in contemporary Hungarian art? Not just historical consciousness:
Many artists focused on current political and cultural situation
Most of the projects discussed previously resonate with current societal issues

A Fulbright Project by Linnea West (2012-13)

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