Professional, public consultation on the future of the Ernst Museum!

I am honoured that the cultural leadership of Hungary would like to establish an institution bearing my name within the Ernst Museum in Budapest, especially in view of the fact that this would resolve the long uncertain fate of the nearly one thousand photographs that the Hungarian state acquired from my legacy in 2008.

It is welcome news that according to the plans, the institute would focus specifically on contemporary photography, in this way also supporting young Hungarian authors, who, similar to their world-famous predecessors, could contribute to the worthy preservation of the international reputation of Hungarian photography.

atlathatosagot ernst angol

At the same time, however, in view of the fact that contemporary art in Hungary today is on the receiving end of quite adverse treatment, I would like to express my objection to the authoritarian transformation of the profile of the institution that has until now functioned as an exhibition space for contemporary art, without any professional consultation, and I DEMAND that the government immediately begin a public consultation with the authoritative professional organisations and representatives of contemporary art with respect to the future of the Ernst Museum and the possible location of the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre!

Transparency in cultural decisions!

Robert Capa

Pleaase sign the petition!

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