HaHa on the 4th Constitutional Amendment of Hungary

The representative of Hallgatói Hálózat (G. Szabó Dániel) talks about how the 4th constitutional amendment effects students in Hungary.

The two topics are the student contract and the chancellor system. According to the student contract, graduated students must work in Hungary for a certain periode of time to “give back” something for the cost of their studies. This provision is most probably against EU law.
The chancellors, appointed by the government to the universities, have huge powers to decide on the expenditures of the universities, and therefore intervene into the freedom of research and teaching. This violates the autonomy of the universities. For a more detailed analysis on this Amendment, please hear the audio!

The Amendment has passed and is effective since this record was made, however the questions raised are still problematic and unsolved.

The Roundtable Discussion where this speech was recorded was an event organized by Central European University, Budapest on 13 March 2013. The record was made by Mindenki Joga Human Rights Radio Show. More info: lmv.hu/node/7773.

Hallgatói Hálózat (audio)

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