What on earth is this ignorant nonsense being spread about Hungary?

A message for western Europe’s hysterical media – Hungary knows what a dictator looks like, and Viktor Orbán is not one

What, I wonder, would be the reaction if a Hungarian who had no English, who had never visited the country, were to write an editorial savaging the United Kingdom for not being a real democracy as it has no proper constitution, decrying that the head of state is the result of a coitus, not an election, and the little freedom of speech left is being destroyed by David Cameron through a royal charter (a royal charter, not even the fig leaf of a law, I mean how fascistic and anachronistic can you get?)

This editorial would probably go viral to universal hilarity. Yet it is precisely this level of ignorant nonsense and condescension that has been directed at Hungary over the past year. The word hysteria is much abused, but I can’t come up with a more apt term to describe most of the media coverage regarding Hungary, particularly in Germany and France.

The focus of this turbulence is the current prime minister, Viktor Orbán. He won the last election with a landslide almost impossible in a democracy. The left (in Hungary the left really isn’t the left, but the former communists who were as Marxist as Al Capone) were completely broken and so they have gone abroad to create an utterly distorted picture of the country.

The Guardian

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