Constitutional Protests II

A group of secondary school students who blocked the entrance to the Parliament’s parking lot in a protest against the Fourth Amendment was detained by police.

Later today at 20:00, there will be another protest at the office of the President. TEK, the newly created powerful anti-terrorism force that is famous for its daring raid that captured prop guns destined for the the shooting of the movie World War Z, whose commander is the former personal bodyguard of Viktor Orbán, has closed down the square in front of the building. They said they were doing it because many important people will be in the building in the days running up to the March 15. national holiday, even though there is no sign of anyone but the President coming there, whose presence at his own office should not be a special occasion that warrants extra security.

The ex-President László Sólyom called on the current President to veto the Fourth Amendment in a newspaper article published today. He stated that this amendment will signal the end of the separation of powers, making parliament the ultimate authority, just like it used to be the case before 1989.


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