noMMA BLOG (2012-2016)

This blog has been active between January 2012 and October 2016 and as a form of struggle against the rise of the Hungarian ‘illiberal democracy’ installed by Viktor Orbán. It contains more than 1500 archive posts in 10 European languages. The circumstances and motivations of creating it can be read here.

The blog followed and documented the rise of a political system, documenting at the same time the activity of the activist group Free Artist (2012-2015)., and all the other cultural and social protest groups that tried to counteract against the transformations. Through its activity the blog made an attempt to raise awareness within the European public opinion about the social and political threats posed by the emergence of authoritarian populism, and ur-fascism,  Threats which by 2016 became Europe- and worldwide obviously visible.

It has been maintained and edited by ellenpolus  with the occasional help and support of many individuals, among whom biocsibe for a longer period (2012/11/13-2013/07/18).

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