Critical Practice Studio

Critical Practice Studio is an academic course, part of the required Master of Architecture curriculum at the College of Architecture and Design, Lawrence Technological University as well as integrated into the Master of Urban Design and Master of Environmental Graphic Design.

CRITPraX coordinator is Philip Plowright who is an Associate Professor of Architecture (Design, Theory and History) at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan, USA; a registered architect in Michigan; a founding member of the synchRG systems-based think tank; and Editor-in-Chief of Enquiry, the ARCC Journal of Architectural Research. He holds degrees in studio art, art history and architecture from the University of Guelph and the University of British Columbia, Canada. He is currently pursuing advanced research in cognitive linguistics at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. His research centers around issues of method, process, meaning, interpretation and knowledge transfer in socio-formal environments. His most recent book, Revealing Architectural Design: Methods, Frameworks & Tools, was published by Routledge in early 2014.

more: CritPrax

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