Holokauszt emlékév – kampány és PR

A kormány tavaly ősszel (2013) megbízta a Burson–Marsteller PR céget nemzetközi imidzsének rekonstrukciójával a holokauszt-év  nemzetközi fogadtatásának előkészítéseként: “(…) on Monday, the government announced that it had hired Burston-Marsteller, a PR heavyweight based in New York, in part to reach out to the Jewish community. (…)”
more: JTA – The global Jewish News Source

Az aktuális kormányzati kommunikáció fényében érdemes utána olvasni a cég eddigi tevékenységének.


A TheGuardian a Burson–Marsteller cégről:
“Burson-Marsteller has “shaped the debate” around some of the world’s most important controversies: it worked for Coca-Cola when the fizzy drinks industry threatened to go flat. It worked for British Nuclear Fuels post-Chernobyl. It was behind Monsanto’s failed bid to get people to love genetically-engineered foods. It even helped out the Saudi government after 9/11.”

A brit Indymedia listája a cég korábbi tevékenységéről, strukturáltabb formában itt

Burson-Marsteller kampány Ceauseşcunak:
“Burson-Marsteller represented the Romanian government in the early 1970s, during which time the country gained Most Favored Nation status for trade with the United States. At the time the United States and other western nations regarded Romania’s president Nicolae Ceauşescu.”

Burson-Marsteller kampány az Union Carbide-nak:
“The Bhopal Disaster was one of the world’s worst industrial catastrophes. In 1984 a gas leak killed over 2,000 people at a plant in Bhopal, India and poisoned thousands more.[107] The plant was jointly owned by Union Carbide Corporation, now Dow Chemicals, and the Indian government, and run by local Indian management. Burson-Marsteller consultants were brought in by Union Carbide to organize communications following the leak and provide advice to Union Carbide executives…”
more: Wikipedia

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