The fascist face of capitalism: In memory of Pavlos Fyssas

The death of one at the hand of fascists is the death of all.  It testifies to a failure, the failure of our ability to resist, and possibly to understand how to resist.  Fascism is not a simple political irrationality; it is born in the very entrails of the violence that is capitalism.  It is a permanent possibility of a politics that reduces us all to mere existence, to the struggle of self-interested survival, where all of those around us are either feared or envied, and used whenever possible.  The politics of sovereignty is that of war, sometimes restrained within a semblance of legality, at other times, unleashed upon those who would refuse it.  Fascism is simply its ugliest face.  The barbarism of our time, that yesterday took the life of musician and poet Pavlos Fyssas, in Athens, at the hands of Golden Dawn thugs, will not be addressed by appeals to law, for the law in this instance protects the violence, the violence of poverty, humiliation, despair, racism, oppression.  Fascism can only be combated when the state of exception under which we find ourselves is taken as the condition for a politics of exception, a rebellious, revolutionary politics of human freedom and equality.

In memory of Pavlos Fyssas and all of those who die so wastefully …

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