EU pressure forces Hungary to backtrack on contested reforms

Legal action threatened by European Commission over Orban’s constitutional amendments
Hungary’s parliament has approved changes to the constitution, removing restrictions on political media campaigns ahead of next year’s election and backtracking on other legal aspects the European Union has said may conflict with its principles.
The EU, the United States and human rights groups have accused Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government of using constitutional amendments to limit the powers of Hungary’s top court and weaken democracy in the former Soviet satellite.
Lawmakers late on Monday approved the amendments drafted by the government after the European Commission threatened to take legal action against the steps, some of which it said could run against EU norms and the principle of the rule of law.
Mr Orban (50), whose ruling Fidesz party faces a parliamentary election in the first half of next year, had earlier dismissed criticism that the reforms were anti-democratic and promised full co-operation with Brussels to address its concerns.

more: Irish Times

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