SOLIDARITY SHOUT OUT to our friends in Hungary

We would like to send another huge SOLIDARITY SHOUT OUT to our friends in Hungary.

Today, the occupiers at the Museum Ludwig in Budapest, have decided to leave the building.

They proceeded to continue the protest in front of the Ministry of Human Resources. They said that they still consider the Ministry to be acting without consultation with the cultural sector. They have also pointed out that the decision-making processes are still not transparent at all. However, the Ministry is still contradicting this information in the media.

As a reminder, the group’s Facebook page states that this past may 9th they invited the Minister, Zoltán Balog to publicly discuss, amongst other things, said lack of transparency. The minister sent a ‘counter-invite’ to ‘provide information’. This response was deemed unacceptable and in the interest of public / open dialogue, the group started the occupation of the Museum Ludwig, providing 24 hour access to the building.

In the protest in front of the Ministry today, the group has demanded, again, transparency in culture, securing the autonomy of its institutions, a stop to the cuts and compensation to financial support that was already taken away.

Precarious Workers Brigade

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