GRAS declares solidarity with student protests in Hungary

Students call for solidarity actions with the Hungarian students. “Forcing students to sign a contract which obliges them to stay in the country after finishing their studies for twice the time they needed to do so, is against European law and shows once again that students are not taken as a serious part of society. We understand the anger of students in Hungary and strongly support the ongoing occupations of universities”, comments Marie Fleischhacker, activist of the Green and Alternative Students (GRAS) and former International Officer of the Austrian National Unions of Students.

Although the situation in Hungary is more extreme, we also used to have a lot of students protesting and occupying universities in Austria during the winter of 2009/2010. Students were fed up with education the system and the realization of Bologna in Austria. We sympathize with all the students protesting at the occupied universities.

“Education has to stay as a public responsibility and should be financed completely by the state. All over Europe education becomes more and more exclusive and the states deny giving higher education more money despite of the fact that education is a principal our whole society is based on. We hope that our Hungarian collegues will be successful with their protests and we wish them a lot of strength and endurancy while the occupations go on“, concludes Fleischhacker.


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