An appeal for contribution to keep alive

Dear Readers of Hungarian Spectrum:

I hope you will consider making a contribution, however modest, to ensure the survival of Galamus. Zsófia Miháncsik, the journalist and translator who founded the news and opinion site, has a sterling reputation as a woman of high principles. Her sharp-eyed political analyses are almost always on target. She refuses to make compromises with the powers-that-be and jealously guards Galamus’s independence.

I was privileged to be one of the founding members of the Galamus Group and therefore its fate is close to my heart. Unfortunately, after a while I had to stop being a regular contributor. Writing daily articles for Hungarian Spectrum simply took too much of my time.

I am sure that you are all familiar with the names of the regular and guest contributors and appreciate the quality of their writings. But, in addition, Galamus’s contribution to the cause of free media in Hungary is enormous in other key ways. Thanks to the linguistic talent of Júlia Horváth, a new addition to the unpaid staff, readers of Galamus have access to articles about Hungary that appeared in the German, French, English, and Russian press. This is especially important today when MTI, the national news agency, is under government control and rarely reports on foreign news about Hungary.

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