Free Artists – statement

Free Artists is an open gathering of university students and teachers in the arts, artists, art historians, aestheticians, curators and civilians, who demand the restitution of the independence and freedom of Hungarian culture.

Our primary objective is the cessation of the hegemonic, directive role of the Hungarian Academy of the Arts (MMA) as registered by law in 2011, the repeal of its status as a public body, and of the immunity of the institution according to Article X of Hungary’s Basic Law (replacing the former Constitution of Hungary).

Free Artists is not associated with any political formation, and does not define itself according to the interests of quotidian party politics.

Free Artists demonstrates not in opposition to particular persons, nor in support of them, but rather against the detrimental processes impinging on Hungarian culture. Our actions are directed toward stopping the anti-democratic practices of Hungarian cultural politics (see the appropriation of the Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle Budapest).

Free Artists believe in a Hungarian culture that is multifaceted and receptive, in the validity of critical art, and in a positive society-forming power.


The MMA is discriminatory, but Art is free!

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