About his blog

Recent legislative steps in Hungary (end of 2012) point towards the authoritarian transformation of the institutional structures and funding system of cultural life, by giving an ultra conservative artist group close to the rightwing government (MMA what is it?) an unassailable position of power. As a result of these decisions, the government has endangered the long term autonomy, professionalism and democratic procedures of Hungarian contemporary art.

This is why this blog was started (NEMMA=NO MMA) and it serves two purposes:

– to provide a news archive and a forum for Hungarian art professionals in order to join their forces in the hope of stopping the actual processes
– to provide actual and background information in English about the above mentioned cultural developments. In this respect it addresses all the artists of the world, cultural writers, curators and any international media professionals dealing with art issues.

Your reactions, solidarity and help is much appreciated!
Please share and distribute the content of this blog in your local community and/or media!

Would you have any further questions,
please don’t hesitate contacting us on ellenpolus@autistici.org.

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