The position of the Studio of Young Artists Association (FKSE)

The position of the Studio of Young Artists Association (FKSE) on the transformations of Hungarian cultural politics
The Studio of Young Artists’ Association (SYAA) is a professional organisation, which has been functioning for more than 5 decades, always giving dynamic responses to current art and social issues. The Association has a membership of about 450 artists, art historians, and critics.

FKSE PROTESTS against the planned and partially already implemented measures of the Ministry of Human Resources, which we consider unreasonable, unworthy and destructive with regard to the future of Hungarian contemporary art.

Therefore, the FKSE DEMANDS:

1. Consultation, instead of political decisions, regarding the issues of contemporary visual arts and culture!

2. State retention of the building of the Kunsthalle Budapest, protection of its independence in artistic matters, and the selection of its director by a professional board, following an open call for applications.

3. The restoration of the artist grant system to its state preceding 2010. The immediate publication of the grants supporting young artists (Derkovits, Pécsi and Kállai scholarships)!

4. The maintenance of professional independence, and political and ideological neutrality of the National Cultural Fund (NKA), and guarantees for a proportional influence of professional representation within decision-making bodies.

5. The revision of the hegemonic role assigned to the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA). In artistic matters, an extensive consultation with the curatorial boards of representative professional associations. We consider unjustifiable and unacceptable the intention to position any of these associations above the others!

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